Welcome! My name is Anne Sophie Martens and I enjoy an academic education in languages and different training courses in personal development both at home and abroad. Through my strong empathic ability I founded me more and more on all kinds of forms of communication ‘I and the other’. In 2013, I followed for 3 years an experiential training in the Kleuren-Wijs Academy (Colors of our Heart) after which I started in 2016 the partnership with accreditation*.

What is Colors of our Heart?

Colors of our Heart is not a method or a therapy. It is a terrestrial manner of thought, a way of life, assumed on an experiential way. Colors of our Heart brings connection between head and heart (ratio and feeling) and you’ll learn how to use both aspects at the right time. We guide you from 4 levels:

  • mental level (rational)
  • emotional level (feelings)
  • physical level (corporal)
  • energetical level (on the invisible plane)

Due to a self experience model, our approach is very personal, direct and durable which make that fast results can be achieved in just 1 or more sessions.

For whom is Colors of our Heart?

  • For everyone
  • All ages


  • from power to vigour
  • bullying and arguing
  • talents and limitations
  • communication with partner/children/colleagues
  • emotions such as fear, anger and sadness
  • set limits
  • depression and burn-out
  • balance between work/school and life

In function of your wishes, we can call the assistance of horses/donkeys.

All Colors of our Heart coaches are experientially trained from the Netherlands. They continue to be trained every month applying the program  on themselves. We assume that knowledge can only be passed if it is lived through. From this point of view is Colors of our Heart authentic.

*The granted accreditation to the coach ensures that its services are credible and meet certain quality requirements.