Everyone has the right to guidance, whether you’re white or black, rich or poor, without or with a disability, … Everyone has a moment in which there is a need for a listening ear, a hug, a friendship without judgment, a moment of unconditionally understanding.

So we organize sessions for people with disabilities around senses. We pick up the herd of horses. It is nice to see how this noble animal adjusts to the limitations of the target group, giving these limitations a different meaning.

Since January 2017 we give training via skype to 2 fantastic ladies who are committed to the children of the largest slum of Africa. We teach them how they can make the children strong, more confident, and how they can discover their talents. Sustainable development is part of our vision.

But also in Belgium, we work around sustainable development. So special youth care organizes a donkey camp during the holiday. In a playful way we work around a herd of sympathic donkeys. Incredible how these animals share their attention and love with these kids who need it so much.

Everytime we look forward to work with these vulnerable groups, they give us so much gratitude. These groups enjoy special rates. Feel free to ask them!