Do you experience communication an obstacle rather than an enrichment? Have you been bullied or rejected often? Is it for you difficult controlling emotions such as anger, fear or sadness? Is it difficult for you understanding your partner, colleague or your child?

Do you think, like many others: How do I get my confidence back? How can I set limits? How do I get the control back?

We can help you in 3 ways:

  • through skype
  • through an individual session
  • through a total program


An individual Life coaching session through skype is perfectly possible. We are monthly trained through this communication channel. This is a good solution if the distance with the coach is too large or if you have limited time. For this session it is essential that the camera is turned on and the connection good. We ask you also to isolate you in order to focus you fully.

  • last about 1 hour
  • no ready-made solutions but we guide you to your own answers
  • in complete discretion

35 eur per session

Individual session

Together we handle your specific question. We are trained to (on demand together with the horse/donkey) to guide you to solutions that are correct for you.

  • We are not connected with a 60minutesplan
  • You’re going home with a satisfied and quiet feeling

50 eur per session

Total program

Thanks to a program of 5 sessions you get insights through all your layers and with these insights you go deeper into the core of yourself. You are going to accept yourself better and even more accept the other as he/she is.

In this process, the following 5 themes:

  • Your space
  • You as a diamond
  • I and the other
  • About power
  • In balance

220 eur for the total program